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Documents >> Soups and Broths(Ingredient)
Beef Broth Uses

Also Known As: Beef stock, beef bouillon. Beef broth is an all-purpose broth that can be used for any recipe calling for beef broth. This type of beef stock is usually made adding aromatic herbs to b >>

Chicken Broth Uses

Also known as: It is also known as “Chicken Stock “. Chicken broth is the liquid part of chicken soup. It can be served as it is, or used as stock, or served as soup with noodles. >>

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of mushroom soup is a simple type of soup where a basic butter and flour preparation called a roux is thinned with cream or milk and then mushrooms and/or mushroom broth are added. It is well k >>

Fish Stock Uses

Also Known As: Concentrated Fish stock is also know as fish fumet. It is also called: Bouillon de poisson (In French) Fischbrühe (In German) Anolini di pesce (In Italian) >>

Goodness Of Soup

Soup is the epitome of comfort, a wonderful soul warming food filled with wholesome ingredients and fantastic flavors. It is combination of ingredients such as meat and vegetables with stock, juice, w >>

Know About Curry

Curry is a generic description used throughout European culture to describe a general variety of spiced dishes, best known in South Asian cuisines, especially Indian cuisine. Although there is no one >>

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a comfort food enjoyed year round. It may be served hot or cold, and can be made in many styles. Popular toppings for tomato soup includes sour cream, shredded cheese or crushed Saltine >>

Vegetable Broth Uses

Vegetable broth consists of a variety of vegetables including, but not limited to: onions, carrots, celery, spinach, mushrooms, tomato and turnips. It can be used for soups, baking, casseroles and ot >>

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Coring of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are almost always cored- that is, the tough stem is removed and discarded.Before chopping or slicing a tomato, we always core it .We also suggest coring before peeling because coring provides a practical point of departure when it's time to peel.Place the tomato on its side on a work surface.Holding the tomato stable with one hand, insert the tip of a pairing knife about 1 inch into the tomato at an angle just outside the core.Move the pairing knife with a sawing motion, at the same time rotating the tomato toward you until the core is cut free.

Green Eating
Environmental Benefits of Vegan Diet

Animals- Many people begin a vegan diet out of concern for animals. Whether opposed to the conditions of animals intended for food or eating animals in general, going vegan will help your conscience rest easily.

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