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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)


quoteleft Alcoholics are thought to be most at the risk of vitamin B6 deficiency mainly due to impaired metabolism of this vitamin. quoteright

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Stove Burner Cleaning- The best way to clean stove burners is to gently pull them out of the stove top, and wash with warm, soapy water. Use a gentle detergent such as that used to wash the dishes. Do not submerse them or allow the electrical connection to get wet. If there is food or burnt particles stuck to them, use baking soda as a cleanser.

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Don’t follow the pack

Instead of buying foods that come in extensive packaging (most of which is petroleum-based plastics) look for unpackaged or minimally packaged foods, experiment with bringing your own containers and buying in bulk, or pick brands that use bio-based plastic packing. And of course try and recycle or reuse any packaging you end up with.

Fat jokes

Hey my friend, You are so much fat that when the family has their picture taken, you’re the background.

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