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Vitamin D


quoteleft Dark skinned people, older individuals and those who are overweight or obese; tend to have much lower levels of vitamin D in their body. quoteright

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If we decide to go on fast and we don’t eat anything for a week, then we would probably feel hungry, little thinner and maybe weak. But if we deprive ourself of a sleep for seven days, we won’t be able to function at all...If we try to guess which activity is so important for us that we devote almost one-third of our time for it, probably the first things that come to our mind are...
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Melting chocolate in a microwave is so simple-it does away with the need for a double boiler. Microwave it at 50% (medium) for 2 ½ minutes.

Green Eating
Calcium does your body good

Calcium not only builds strong bones, but it also helps to prevent osteoporosis. Yes, milk is a great source of calcium, but so are foods like green leafy vegetables, yogurt, cheese, seaweed, oranges and beans.

My five-year-old grandson was looking through some old photos when he noticed his grandfather in a special army uniform. “What kind of costume is that?” he asked. “That’s not a costume,” his grandfather growled. “Men have died for that uniform.” The boy looked up and said, “So you stole it, then?”

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