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Vitamin K


quoteleft Vitamin K plays a major role in blood clotting. So it is used to reverse the effects of “blood thinning” medications such as warfarin. quoteright

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If we decide to go on fast and we don’t eat anything for a week, then we would probably feel hungry, little thinner and maybe weak. But if we deprive ourself of a sleep for seven days, we won’t be able to function at all...If we try to guess which activity is so important for us that we devote almost one-third of our time for it, probably the first things that come to our mind are...
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Flipping Safely Hash Browns

Hash brown as well as Chinese noodles, cakes and Spanish omelets must be browned on both sides in a hot skillet. Most recipes suggest inverting the food onto a plate and then sliding it back into the skillet to cook the second side. We find that the removable bottom of a metal tart pan works better than a plate. 1.Using an oven mitten or potholders, slide the tart pan bottom over the skillet and invert the skillet. 2.The tart pan bottom is easy to handle, lightweight, and has no rim or curvature, so the food slides back into the skillet easily.

Green Eating
Defining "Organic"

Foods labeled "organic" can be either: 100% organic: They're completely organic or made of all organic ingredients. Organic: They're at least 95% organic.

A neutron walks into a bar. "I'd like a beer," he says. The bartender promptly serves up a beer."How much will that be?" asks the neutron."For you?" replies the bartender, "no charge."

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