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Vitamin K


quoteleft Vitamin K plays a major role in blood clotting. So it is used to reverse the effects of “blood thinning” medications such as warfarin. quoteright

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If we decide to go on fast and we don’t eat anything for a week, then we would probably feel hungry, little thinner and maybe weak. But if we deprive ourself of a sleep for seven days, we won’t be able to function at all...If we try to guess which activity is so important for us that we devote almost one-third of our time for it, probably the first things that come to our mind are...
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Mineral Deposit Removal from Dishes and Glasses- Using hard water make the dishes incur with mineral deposit buildup. You can remove mineral deposits by washing the dishes with white vinegar. Make a paste using baking soda and water, apply to the glasses, let sit for a few hours, then scrub lightly using baking soda.

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Potassium. Potassium balances water and acidity in your body and stimulates the kidneys to eliminate toxins. Diets high in potassium have shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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