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quoteleft A dieter's delight and salvation, greens offer lots of healthy eating without an abundance of calories. quoteright

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If we decide to go on fast and we don’t eat anything for a week, then we would probably feel hungry, little thinner and maybe weak. But if we deprive ourself of a sleep for seven days, we won’t be able to function at all...If we try to guess which activity is so important for us that we devote almost one-third of our time for it, probably the first things that come to our mind are...
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Kitchen secrets/Cooking tips

Remove Excess Turmeric

Added excess turmeric powder to a vegetable? Don't panic! Just cover the vessel's mouth with a white muslin cloth. The cloth will absorb the excessive turmeric.

Green Eating
Defining "Organic"

If a food is labeled "organic," what does that mean? To meet the organic standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), or an organic food is one that is grown without: pesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, herbicides, antibiotics, bioengineering, hormones, ionizing radiation.

My mother-in-law bought her first mobile phone. Its ringtone was a classical symphony. “I’m getting lots of calls but they always hang up,” she told my husband a few days later. “That’s odd,” he said. “I’ll phone you and see what happens.” He dialled her number, but she sat motionless for more than a minute as her handset trilled away. “Why aren’t you answering?” my husband asked. “Oh, sorry,” she said. “I thought I had to wait for the tune to finish.”

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